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PVC-U windows

Arcade System

System Arcade Proste System Arcade Pollico

Boasting a clear, slender form and a high level of functionality the window system Elite and Arcade offers a profile depth of 71 mm to award windows high-stability and good thermal insulation. This all-round profile also allows builders and contractors with a restricted budget to benefit from a high-quality solution for contemporary building. The good thermal insulation values additionally save energy and save money.
The profiles of the line Elite and Arcade are technically well-proven classic designs and extremely popular due to their excellent cost-benefit ratio. With their elegant looks they also meet demanding design requirements. Elite and Arcade provide an economic, consistent and timeless solution for elegant windows and facades. There are many different colours and two designs for you to choose from: Elite with 45° bevels as well as Arcade with 20° bevels as classic offset or semi-offset round version.


Eforte System

>Eforte System

Featuring a profile depth of 84 mm, a conventional steel reinforcement and without additional insulating elements, Eforte accomplishes a unique Uf-value of 0.95 W/m2K. The current requirements set out in the Energy Saving Regulation and the values required for entitlement to KfW financial support (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation) are met with ease. The passive house standard (Uw ≤ 0.8 W/m2K) can also be implemented cost effectively with standard triple glazing. Eforte is the only system without additional insulation to be certified as a passive house suitable component by the internationally renowned ift Testing Institute. Besides outstanding thermal insulation the Eforte system offers a hitherto unmatched flexibility and can adjust like a chameleon to meet your every need: floor to ceiling height of the window elements up to 2.6 m are possible thanks to the Inoutic bonding technology, a glazing thickness of up to 56 mm can be accommodated for special safety glass or acoustical insulation and a vast selection of colours and decors allow you to create your own individual style. You can even design the facades of passive houses to meet your individual needs. Create a true aluminium look without having to sacrifice the benefits of a PVC window by using the aluminium cladding with butt-jointed corners. The aluminium frame can be designed in practically any colour you desire. The intelligent design of the Eforte profile is suitable for installation in old and in new buildings.


Prestige System

Prestige System halflic Prestige System Prestige System Passive

Harmonised design combined with a high level of functionality such as excellent sound insulation and very good thermal insulation values fully satisfy the latest requirements of the Energy Saving Regulation and the values required for entitlement to KfW financial support (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation).  Using the state-of-the-art 6-chamber technology and a profile depth of 76 mm you can benefit from great energy savings and substantially reduce heating costs. Compared to standard windows with single glazing Inoutic windows with their high quality insulated glass can reduce heating costs by up to 40 %. This quality product for discerning customers with good common sense is available in three different designs: semi-offset round, offset classic and semi-offset square-edged, all featuring the same high-quality characteristics inside. There is also a wide range of colours to choose from as well as an aluminium cladding. 40 different colours, including the shimmering aluminium look of Titanium Plus, allow individual design creations. The system Prestige also offers matching front doors and lift and sliding doors.


Sliding System

Sliding System

Sliding windows excellently extend the inside to the outside and also provide wide and spacious window areas. Nature and gardens become part of everyday living, even in bad weather and in the winter months. In good weather you can conveniently slide the windows open with the greatest of ease. Even floor-to-ceiling elements seem to just float to the side, thanks to the Inoutic sliding technology.


Tilt and sliding, folding and pivot windows

Tilt and sliding, folding and pivot windows compose of standard profiles, but with the use of dedicated hardware that provide special operational capabilities. Tilt and sliding door is perfect alternative for two-sash window with floating mullion - not only allows for bigger opening due to bigger sash size limits, but also poses far bigger struggle for a burglar, because the sash is locked to the frame on whole cimcunference as opposed to floating mullion where sashes lock against each other. Folding door allows to attain maximal possible opening width as it may compose of up to 7 sashes, be it together in one stack or in two separate stacks. Pivot window with horizontal axis allows for realatively big glass in one sash, as the sash remains in balanced position no matter the angle of opening. Because it is symmetric to horizontal axis, the wind blowing onto the surfaces cannot shut it close nor open it up, because it acts upon both halves with equal pressure. Upper part comes inside and lower goes out, which prevents the rain from getting inside. One can also turn the sash by 180 degrees to be able to clean it in comfort and safe position inside the house.